Kathy Escoto

Startup Runway Board Member

Corporate Innovator

Former Lead for The Bridge by Coca-Cola


I believe in the power of entrepreneurship and the innovation that springs from disruption, passion, and persistence. I also believe that each person experiences the world differently…. we see different problems, hold different points of view, and thus develop different approaches to solving challenges. This diversity, when leveraged, increases the speed and quality of innovation. Unfortunately, a large amount of innovation remains untapped, hindered by access to funding, connections, and mentoring.

Having had the broad experiences of working in a startup, leading corporate innovation efforts, and having led The Bridge by Coca-Cola program, I know firsthand, the difficult journey of trying to develop and scale even the best of products. Committed partnerships providing access, funding, and mentoring make all the difference! Statistics show the journey is even harder for underrepresented founders (women & people of color), despite data showing these same founders provide greater outcomes. Startup Runway levels the playing field to unlock great innovation from anywhere. I am thrilled to be a Board member to actively support this important mission.