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Startup Runway brings you and your team into an inclusive and active community of national investors, sponsors, mentors, and founder talent. Don’t hesitate to join this welcoming and dynamic movement. Sponsors report benefits to their own talent recruitment, inspired innovation, market awareness and business development.

Tax deductible

Startup Runway is a 501c3 nonprofit in good standing. Your sponsorship is tax-deductible.

Sponsorship brochure

Download our detailed Sponsorship brochure here.

Founding Partner

PRICING: $30,000 paid over 3 years ($10K per year)

Set your organization apart by becoming a Founding Partner. We seek no more than 10 for the lifetime of the organization (a one time commitment) and have 4 available now. Receive:

Invitation to permanent board seat for Startup Runway Foundation

Permanent logo on all Showcase events and web site (forever)

Top tier privilege as the program moves forward, including referring talent, providing mentors, and shaping the program.

Current Founding Partners include:


We set aside the funds raised from our Co-Founders for the underwriting of our first full time staff.

Presenting Sponsor

PRICING: $40,000 / year / city

Presenting sponsors bring Startup Runway’s program to new cities. In the future, we anticipate programs anchored not only in Atlanta, but also in Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington DC. Presenting Sponsors bring their own knowledge and network of the local ecosystem into our proven programming and help create social and networking events for the local VC and founder ecosystem. There is a minimum 3 year commitment and the majority of these dollars are reserved for city-specific founder grants.

Hear why Cox doubles down on inclusive innovation, supporting Startup Runway as our Presenting Sponsor.

Check Captain

PRICING: $10K per grant, with a minimum four grant commitment.

Define a $10,000 annual grant in the vertical of your choice.

Have the opportunity to help select your grant winners from among our Finalists.

Gain a growing network of 100s of inclusive innovators in your specific industry and enjoy reviewing that custom pipeline.

Refresh your organization’s capacity for innovation and deep market awareness of fast growing niches

Please note, in addition to the grant underwriting for the grant of your choice, there is a 10% sponsor overhead fee for the program administration, marketing, and outreach that provides you with the pipeline.

Inclusion Navigator

PRICING: $7,500/ year

Speak with 100s of top founders quarterly via a digital webinar featuring your leadership and content in your area of expertise

Position your expertise in front of a growing, high-value network of founders.

We are particularly in need of expert partners to support founder programming in the areas of talent acquisition, early-stage business legal and accounting insights, banking and debt structures, and outsourced software development.

Provide up to 10 mentors per Startup Runway from your organization

Program Pilots

PRICING: $3,000 / year

Provide a service (pro bono / freemium) to our network of Finalists and applicants

Expand your access huge and growing funnel of diverse talent innovating in your industry

Feature your service in our monthly email to founders, mentors and advocates

Have 3 mentors from your organization engage directly in supporting Finalists during the year

Reach 2,000-3,000 diverse founders and co-founders at the earliest stages


PRICING: $1500/year

This teir is specifically for individuals and small businesses that care deeply about inclusion and want to showcase their support in a personal way.

Enjoy a featured interview on the Atlanta Startup Podcast, on why inclusive innovation matters to you and why you support Startup Runway.

Reach hundreds of progressive startup leaders and founders in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Silicon Valley

Up to 2 mentors from your organization support dozens of Finalists during the year’s showcase