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Calling All Angels

By May 26, 2021 No Comments

We’re building the national network of angel investors focused on inclusion.

Have you always wanted to invest in businesses built by women or founders of color, but haven’t had the opportunity yet? We’re bringing you the network and the know-how. 

  • 100% of Startup Runway Finalists are competitive startups led by under-represented founders.
  • 100% of them have not raised a seed round yet.
  • This makes Startup Runway founders top prospects for today’s dynamic seed-stage venture capital firms. Many of them have specific mandates for diverse founding teams.
  • Recent Startup Runway Finalists who have earned significant first venture rounds include Civic Eagle (ffVC and M25), Jax Rideshare (Collab Capital); Ecotext (Valor Ventures); Candidly (Floodgate and Valor Ventures), Don’t Get Mad, Get Paid (Techstars), Civic Dinners (Atlanta Seed Fund and Techstars), PleaseAssistMe (Collab Capital), Qoins (MassChallenge, Queen City Fintech, Front Row Fund) and more.

Plenty of leaders are realizing we’ve been too complacent and too complicit in the structural biases that prevent under-represented founders from thriving. 

When a founder of color or a female founder is supported financially, they have the opportunity to build networks of six-figure jobs around them. These innovators create intergenerational wealth in our communities. 

  • Founders of color continue to receive less than 1% of venture capital yet are almost a third of the population in the Southeast. Our Foundation’s headquarters, Georgia ranks second in the country for the density of our African American population. 
  • In 2020, funding for female founders was down 31% from 2019. (In comparison, funding for all-male teams dropped 16%.) 
  • Pitchbook reported that last year, “median late-stage valuations for female-led companies fell 7%, while male CEOs saw a 27% increase in valuations.” 
  • And of course, in employment, women were over 50% of the labor force in 2019, but since COVID, have retreated significantly.

Ready to earn your angel investor wings?

Startup Runway is building a national network of angels focused on supporting top under-represented founders at the earliest stages. If you’re in Georgia, your investment even qualifies for the angel tax credit program.

See if you qualify to join our community here.


Startup Runway is a 501c3 Foundation led by a diverse board and supported by donations. Unlike many angel networks, there is no fee to join or review top opportunities as long as you remain an active participant with our founders. We have a 3 strikes-in-a-row rule: if we send you three founders and you respond to none of them, we simply remove your profile from our list. Every time you respond, your “clock” is reset so don’t worry about responding to time. Thanks for joining the network!