John S. Sears, JD, PhD, CLP

 Startup Runway Co-Founding Partner

Principal and Founder, Innovators Legal

Principal, Director of Intellectual Property, Anzu Partners LLC


We need to tear down the barriers to innovation. I believe that as a society, our innovative potential depends on our ability to engage the minds of all: including women innovators and innovators of color. That is the reason I was so happy to support the Startup Runway Foundation in the mission to connect underrepresented founders with mentorship and funding.

I am the Principal and Founder of Innovators Legal, a boutique law firm working with early-stage technologies, companies, and the investors who fund them. At Innovators Legal, innovation is our core value—it drives the work our clients do and informs the way we practice the law. I am excited about the support I can offer to the region’s underrepresented innovators through Startup Runway.