Don’t Get Mad Get Paid has recently been selected to join Techstars Impact class of 2019! As part of the program, Don’t Get Mad Get Paid will work extensively with several Techstars mentors to test their business model while also designing for a market-driven scale.

Techstars is a worldwide network that offers numerous resources to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Techstars Impact is an impact fund exclusively dedicated to backing for-profit, mission-driven founders building technologies to solve our most pressing social and environmental problems.

As of 2018, delinquent noncustodial parents owed over $117 billion in past-due child support. Don’t Get Mad Get Paid is a child support collection service aimed at getting its customers the child support, alimony and equitable distribution arrears they are owed. They have created Athena, a platform designed to take the hassle out of child support collection.

Don’t Get Maid Get Paid services include: investigating the payor for income and assets, searching for businesses that the payor owns, locating the current address for the payor and employment and income verification. Athena was developed by Simone Spence, a leader in the child support collection industry for over 20 years. Her platform has helped numerous women find the thousands of dollars they’re owed. Spence is currently working with Techstars Impact to further the development of Athena.

“I’m collaborating with UI and UX developers right now who are working on the product,” Spence says. “Walking into Techstars, I really had very little knowledge of UX or UI design. Now at this point, with all the mentoring that I have received, I feel very good about the knowledge that I have on the UX.”

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