The Startup Runway Foundation is a nonprofit organization.

Our mission is introducing top under-represented founders to their first investor.

Meet the Edition #9 Finalists!

Each Startup Runway Finalist is competitively selected from 100s of applications. Our criteria are that at time of selection, the Startup is highly investable, has raised less than $150K, has not attended a national accelerator, and is led by an under-represented founder.


Televeda sells a suite of live online educational, wellness, and gaming classes to senior living communities and municipalities to alleviate social isolation among the elderly.

Shruti Gurudanti


Amazon is the world's third-largest advertising platform, and PPCProphet brings world-class advertising management and automation to small, medium, and large-sized eCommerce businesses operating in eleven Amazon marketplaces across the globe.

Phil McCarty


MyTotem is an AI-powered brand maker that creates custom design essentials for small businesses instantly.

Ashley Richardson

Rainbow Secure

Rainbow Secure with 17 million colors and 100+ Styles is the first improvised, patented, award-winning technology that gives Multi-layer, Defence-in depth Security. Highly effective, Code-free, device-independent security with top ROI that reduces Risk and Liability. Start Savings Today.

Nehal Mehta


Eyegage uses computer vision to analyze the characteristics of the human eye to determine drug and alcohol levels. By observing pupil size, sclera color, reaction time, and involuntary twitching, Eyegage is able to identify 5 substances -- marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, and alcohol.

LaVonda Brown

Vertical Activewear

Ethically Edgy, Vertically Driven - Vertical Activewear is a sustainable fitness apparel brand for women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness activities.

Tia Robinson

Latin Goodness Foods

Latin Goodness Foods LLC is a company bringing wholesome versions of typical Latin American street foods. Its first brand, MasPanadas, is a family-friendly, modern empanada where wholesome meets convenience.

Margarita Womack


GABA is revolutionizing medical education. Its SaaS platform leverages machine learning to match medical trainees with study tools based on the results of cognitive assessments and exam scores.

Candice Blacknall

Jax Rideshare Rentals

Jax is creating inclusion in the gig economy by renting vehicles to be people who have been excluded from the flexible schedules and income of ride-hailing and delivery work due to lack of access to a qualifying car.

Julius Bryant

Meet A Few Of Our Venture Capital Judges & Mentors

Active venture capitalists who write early stage checks give detailed feedback to each Finalist. They also vote on who wins the Cox Enterprises Judge’s Choice $10,000 Grant for “most investable” startup. Are you a VC operating out of a fund that can write the first check? Do your dealflow pipeline a favor.

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