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Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your tax deductible donation to Startup Runway, a registered 501(c)(3). We will send you the appropriate IRS form to document your generosity to the email address you used to pay it via PayPal.

Who's my direct contact?

Your direct contact is Emily Simpson at Write2Market, our pro bono marketing sponsor.

  • Feel free to reach her any time at emily@write2market.com.
  • You can also call Write2market at 404-900-7722.

What do I need to do to maximize my sponsorship?

  1. Send us your logo (to sales@write2market.com or emily@write2market.com) so we can appropriately acknowledge you in signage and on the web site.
  2. We’ll tweet about your sponsorship and post it to LinkedIn. When you use social media, please include us and we’ll reflect you.
  3. Let us know if you’d like to be a media contact. We always have a lot of media interest in this event and in those willing to speak. We’d love to connect you.
  4. Let us know who to register for the showcase day and if you’d like to have a table.
  5. Keep in mind we’ll be sending an IRS form you can use on your taxes to get a deduction.
  • Feel free to reach your direct sponsorship benefits contact any time at emily@write2market.com.
  • You can also call Write2market at 404-900-7722.

Get ready for your photos!

We have a professional photographer at the showcase event who will capture your team and the day. We’ll send you a link to all of the photos.

Who attends the preflight pitch round?

The preflight rounds are closed events, except for our sponsors like you and our founders. The founders pitching will be in attendance along with members of the Startup Runway leadership and production team. As a sponsor, you are invited to attend the preflight rounds and develop relationships with our cohort.

What happens on the showcase day?

The Showcase is a big, public event and we’re looking forward to highlighting your generous commitment to the growing tech community. You’ll receive more information in email but please hold the date! The basic agenda is:

  1. Mock Board Meetings with Founders, start midafternoon
  2. A few words from our leadership team about our sponsors
  3. The demo event
  4. The Platinum Sponsor address
  5. More demos
  6. Networking

Scoring Criteria

During the preflight round, each pitch is peer scored. Each pitch will be judged for diversity, team, hyper growth, and product validation: on a scale of 1-5.
The Startup Runway team uses the scoring data and their own insights to determine who makes it to the showcase. There are no “thumbs” on the scale. You can rest assured your donation is carefully vetted to make an impact for a founding team that has earned a leading position.

How many people move on to the final round?

The number of people selected for the final round depends on the quality of the startups during the preflight rounds- that is to say there may more than 10 asked to pitch during the showcase.

How many pitch rounds are there before the showcase?

There are two preflight pitch rounds. IMPORTANT- you only need to pitch during one.

Accommodations near the Gathering Spot?

There are countless hotels options- The Gathering Spot is in the heart of the Georgia Tech campus minutes from downtown and midtown Atlanta. Here are a few choice places we recommend…..

Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
Hampton Inn Atlanta-Georgia Tech-Downtown
Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel
Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown