We’re excited to announce an exceptional and experienced panel of check-writing, seed-stage investors for the 12th Startup Runway Showcase.

For this highly anticipated event, we invite studious, experienced, and well-respected VCs from the Venture ecosystem to provide feedback and mentorship for this year’s participants. The VC judges for the 12th Startup Runway Showcase provide written feedback to each Finalist and are: 

  1. Seasoned investors who write first checks
  2. Packing solid reputations backed by exceptional founder references 
  3. Demonstrating a track record of investing with inclusion

Each Startup Runway Finalist gets detailed, written feedback from our judges as well as a mentoring experience with them.  Collectively, the 12th Showcase VC panel represents over half a billion dollars in early stage funding ready to deploy:


Learn from top venture capital first-check-writers as they discuss inclusion, what they invest in, and why they invest.