Nwanyinma Dike

Managing Director, Startup Runway


Nwanyinma Dike, who describes herself as an “engineer turned strategist,” has the organization’s top spot.

While Dike started her career in corporate, she is no stranger to the local startup scene.

After working at Merck commercializing vaccines, she found herself drawn to the procurement side of business. That move helped her catch the “business bug,” so she went to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business for her MBA before going into management consulting, a path she described as “the equivalent to a residency after medical school.”

In 2021 she founded UltraViolet Insights, a business consulting firm for startups and SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses). This last spring she joined ATDC, Georgia’s business accelerator, as the Georgia AIM Startup Catalyst. The grant-funded role is designed to help the state transition to automation in manufacturing.