Highlights from Startup Runway’s 24th Pitch Showcase: Atlanta’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Soars

Atlanta’s entrepreneurial spirit soared to new heights at Startup Runway’s 24th Pitch Showcase, hosted at The Gathering Spot last week. The day buzzed with anticipation and excitement as leading founders, carefully selected from over 400 applicants across the Southeast, stepped onto the stage to pitch their groundbreaking visions, all vying for three $10,000 checks.

Visionaries Take Center Stage: Announcing the Victors

The stage was set for a day of innovation and inspiration as the finalists stepped into the spotlight to present their ventures. While each finalist delivered an exceptional performance, three visionary founders truly captivated the audience, securing $10,000 of non-dilutive capital to propel their ventures forward.


Congratulations to the outstanding winners of our 24th Startup Runway Showcase!

Celebrating Innovation and Success

As the finalists accepted their awards, the room buzzed with excitement and anticipation for the future of their ventures. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be conducting 1:1 interviews with each of the winners, delving deeper into their entrepreneurial journeys. Stay tuned for these insightful conversations on the Atlanta Startup Podcast.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, mentors, and partners whose unwavering support made this event possible and played a pivotal role in making the showcase a resounding success. Our sponsors included Valor VC, Cox Enterprises, Truist, American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact, Avanta Ventures, and Partnership for Inclusive Innovation.

Additionally, our esteemed panel of judges — William LeonardVanessa Stephens, Terinee Pooler, and Larry McHugh — brought a wealth of expertise to the table, guiding and evaluating our finalists with insight and expertise.

Thank you to our exceptional VC judges who joined us at the event!

Looking Ahead

Exciting updates for Startup Runway are on the horizon, with plans for the 25th Startup Runway Showcase already underway. Stay tuned for details on how to apply or how to be a part of Startup Runway’s journey as a founder, sponsor, or mentor. There are countless opportunities to get involved and support our mission of connecting investors to top startups led by underrepresented founders.

For more information and to stay updated, visit our website here.

If you’re interested in mentoring founders at Startup Runway, learn more here.

Watch the Recap Video from our 24th Pitch Showcase: