We may be a bit biased, but The Startup Runway Foundation has the best sponsors— their partnership is the glue for the onramp we are providing for women and minority led startup teams. One of our value added sponsors is Connetic Ventures, an early stage investment fund targeting startups in the Southeast and Midwest. Here’s how Connetic Ventures changes the game for the startups in which they invest, and why they choose to support diverse teams.

Much like it does for startups, Connetic knows that time matters, and they move fast to find investments whose time is now. They believe diversity is a good thing, whether in industry, geography, or founding. Approximately 48% of their investments have been with minority-owned companies. That is why we are so excited to have them as a partner for our 2017 programs. They create jobs in a number of sectors, and the Startup Runway mission fits squarely within their core beliefs.

Although Connetic already provides funding and support to a wide range of startups and other growth-stage companies, they also helped launch the Cherub 2.0 Fund, a side venture  comprised of angel investors and entrepreneurs. The Cherub Fund not only serves as a launch point for startups, but it also helps support diversity among investors, with 10 of the 19 inaugural investors being female.

Want to learn more about Connetic Ventures? You can meet and network with key members of their team at the Startup Runway Spring 2017 Showcase. Come experience all the great founders and startups who make Atlanta the top growth-stage tech hub in the country, Grab your tix today!


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