Shown Live

Introducing Shown Live, the game-changer in sponsorship for audio and video content. Our revolutionary platform transforms influencer marketing with an innovative ad unit called a gift. Marketers experience unparalleled speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in scaling their campaigns. The real magic lies in quantifiable data—gifts provide insights into who collected them and how sponsorships performed.

What sets us apart is inclusivity; Shown Live empowers Creators of all audience sizes. Using our platform, Creators seamlessly discover gifts tailored to their content, distribute them to their audience, and earn money based on the Marketer’s chosen cost-per-unique gift. It’s a win-win, making influencer marketing accessible and lucrative for everyone involved.

In a world of evolving content creation, Shown Live stands at the forefront, redefining sponsorships with simplicity, data-driven insights, and limitless opportunities for Creators and Marketers alike. Elevate your influencer campaigns with Shown Live—where innovation meets impact.