Honey to Cocoa

Shade matching is a source of frustration for consumers, particularly for Women of Color as brands have expanded their color ranges. Consumers spend hours online or go in store to find an accurate match for their skin tones, and today, there’s no great way to shade match drug store or online only brands. The convenience of online shopping and proliferation of online brands requires innovation in the way color matching is approached today.

Honey to Cocoa leverages AI technology to help People of Color match makeup to their unique skin tones via a mobile app. We offer instant skin tone to product matching across a multitude of brands, eliminating the need to color match in store. Users can digitally try on products, get recommendations based on desired look and shades, and purchase through the app making a disjointed digital experience today a seamless process tomorrow. We merge the worlds of beauty and tech, leveraging AI to be a beauty advisor in your pocket.