GlobeKin, Inc.

Who We Are
GlobeKin Inc. is an e-Learning platform for kids that cultivates engaged learning and play beyond the classroom. Our vision is to build global kinship: where people live, work and lead with greater understanding and cross-cultural fluency. We can get there by preparing today’s kids for a global digital economy.

Why Now?
Generation Z and Alpha prefer learning through visual, hands-on and digital media.
-70% of students say online learning, which helps retain between 25% and 60% more information, is better than traditional classroom learning.
-Parents have taken note: 81% believe technology is the future of education and 79% now use technology to teach their children.
-Education must meet these demands by connecting with children where they are, to shape generations of lifelong learners.

The Platform
Available on all major devices as a web or mobile application, our platform leverages advanced digital and A.I. technology to create a personalized and gamified interactive learning experience. Users earn tokens that can be redeemed for virtual and IRL learning experiences from our platform’s marketplace. For parents, the platform generates “Learning Reports” detailing each child’s academic interests and areas for growth.