FlowIntell is a Femtech startup revolutionizing endometriosis screening. This widespread condition affects 10% of women, but takes 10 years to diagnose due to the lack of awareness as well as symptom overlap with IBS and PID. Most women learn about endometriosis because of subfertility or infertility.
Delayed diagnosis results in unresolved chronic pain, infertility, depression, and loss of productivity. Women undergo multiple misdiagnoses, costly medical procedures, and lost workdays, resulting in an estimated $22 billion annual cost in the U.S. alone.
FlowIntell’s screening device offers a novel solution for early detection of endometriosis. Our affordable, at-home, and non-invasive kit checks for key biomarkers associated with endometriosis using a small sample of menstrual effluent. We’re also creating a telehealth app with whole-body solutions, connecting users to OBGYNs, nutritionists, physical therapists, mental health professionals, and a supportive community.
FlowIntell’s vision is to create accessible health solutions that address the challenges of endometriosis screening, thus empowering women with timely information, leading to faster interventions and an enhanced quality of life.