EVA is a groundbreaking health tech engine and software system tackling the mental health crisis facing college students and athletes. With nearly 60% of the 20 million students in the U.S. grappling with mental health issues and a staggering 90% burnout rate among campus practitioners, the need for effective solutions is urgent. EVA steps in with AI-powered, empathetic virtual coaching available 24/7, offering personalized support. Through sophisticated empathetic machine learning, EVA provides insights into emotional intelligence and behavior, addressing a broad spectrum of student challenges. In our ongoing trials, EVA has already shown promising results and significant potential by effectively managing schedules, offering emotional support, remembering names and personal details, and applying Enneagram insights. These innovative capabilities make EVA an essential tool for enhancing student support, academic performance and emotional and mental resilience, as well as uniting digital equity and societal impact.