CoAbode, Inc.

CoAbode facilitates matching services & communities for single moms to combine their households, creating dual-income families.

With its near 100k membership, CoAbode is now ready to grow as a B-corp and relaunch the site utilizing AI. CoAbode also provides the platform to create local communities for babysitting co-ops, rideshares, etc, and global communities for emotional support.

Carmel Boss, CEO, started CoAbode because she experienced financial hardship and emotional frustrations as a single mom. Carmel has 25+ years of business experience.

Dr. Tonya Riney has 8+ years of comprehensive SaaS start-up knowledge, having fulfilled every role in a growing SaaS business (data and analytics) culminating as COO (sales, marketing, ops, HR, client success, budget, fundraising ~ list not comprehensive).

Dr. Galen Buchwalter created the matching algorithm for eHarmony, among his many other academic and professional accomplishments.