Clime Tech Inc

As a mother of two I want to leave the world a better place for them.The climate emergency that we are facing is acute and unless we remove 59 Gigatons of CO2e emissions, we will see a 1.5 0C rise in global temperatures. Cities and companies are expected to lead the decarbonization because of the scale of their GHG emissions and their power to take action. The current sustainability paths taken by business or city organization and their community is disjointed, fragmented, centralized, and redundant thereby limiting the ROI on their efforts, resources, and time. Cities and companies need better, efficient, and next gen systems to harness community‚Äôs power to reach climate goals.We introduce Clime Tech SaaS platform that Cities and Businesses use to activate their community across three major areas: mobility, energy, and waste to mitigate and adapt to climate change thereby moving towards sustainable urban ecosystem. Our climate action and resiliency platform offer carbon quantified climate action tracking that can be verified and supported with climate options. Using our platform organizations reduce business’s carbon emissions by 30-40%, disclose participants emission reductions that are measurable carbon quantified and verified and enables smart decisions using community sourced climate action data.