Creating quality music as an amateur artist is virtually impossible. You have only two choices: do everything yourself—including production, songwriting, recording, and mixing—or contract this work out to music industry professionals. The problem? Mastering these skill sets on your own takes years and thousands of dollars worth of equipment. And if you wanted to contract these skills out to music industry professionals, you typically lack the connections to even get in contact with them.

So, we’re building a tool that helps people create professional music faster than ever before. Users can simply describe the type of music they wish to create, and rather than manually searching through hundreds of beats, songwriters, studios, audio engineers, etc., needed for their next song, our AI model automatically generates this list for them based on their wants and needs. This is similar to how ChatGPT simplifies the manual Google search process.

All generated music services come from our own marketplace, providing an “A-to-Z” solution for people trying to create quality music.