Startup Runway Foundation, the nonprofit behind the largest pitch competition in the United States for under-represented startup founders, doubles its grant-making capacity from $10 to $20k this year thanks to presenting Sponsor Cox Enterprises and a new sponsor, the American Family Insurance Institute for corporate & Social Impact.

“We’re thrilled that Startup Runway is becoming a destination for capital seeking returns with impact,” says Sarah O’Brien, Startup Runway board chair and co-founding partner at Valor.VC, the Atlanta-based venture capital firm that founded Startup Runway. Startup Runway Finalists for the 6th edition include:

“Startup Runway is a great partner for the American Family Insurance Institute,” says Nyra Jordan, Social Impact Investment Director with the American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. “We’re looking for the next visionary entrepreneurs who are building a more equitable and inclusive society, especially around issues such as social justice and incarceration. Startup Runway, with its lens on women and minority founders, is a key part of our sourcing strategy.” The American Family Insurance Institute is sponsoring a new $10,000 Community Choice prize that will be granted based on audience voting. Every attendee with a ticket will be allowed one vote – tickets are available here.

Cox Enterprises, the presenting sponsor of the Startup Runway since 2018, presents the signature $10,000 grant chosen by professional investors. A3Ventures, the Silicon Valley based venture arm of AAA; Crowdsmart, the funding platform from Los Angeles; and America’s Impact Fund, a Silicon Valley based venture capital fund focused on inclusion are among the investors flying in to judge the prize. They are joined by Atlanta investors including Valor Ventures, Loeb Atlanta, Vocap Partners, Golden Seeds, and Forte Ventures.

The sixth Startup Runway competition is held  May 2nd, 2019 at The Gathering Spot from 4 pm to 7 pm. Get tickets here.