With the 11th Startup Runway showcase less than 3 months away, we wanted to take a look at what one of our former winners has been up to since winning the 10th showcase. CEO/Founder Carolyn Pitts and her company Film Connx beat out hundreds of startups to win one of the Cohort grants at our 10th showcase.

Film Connx is a job marketplace for production professionals, located in Atlanta, GA which is one of the largest hubs when it comes to film production. Film Connx helps studios, music labels, and producers find local crews. This in turn helps production companies save on their budgets by hiring experienced local talent, instead of having to bring in out-of-state talent. 

Since winning the Investors Choice grant presented by Cox Enterprises as ‘most investible’ at our 10th showcase, Film Connx has been busy building on its early successes. 

They were a semi-finalist at SheEO Venture and partnered with SONY Music Legacy Recordings Division, where they are assisting with finding production talent for new projects.. Additionally, Film Connx has recently placed a candidate with Marvel Studios who reports to the director of the new movie She-Hulk which begins shooting this month in Atlanta. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Carolyn Pitt for the Atlanta Startup Podcast where she discussed her journey as a woman of color, Film Connx growth, and being a Finalist at the virtual version of Startup Runway.  “What was exciting to me was that in the chat, after I finished pitching and answering questions, I had a number of people reaching out who were interested in learning more about what we’re doing.”

You can read the entire podcast here or listen to it below.


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