As our Fall 2017 season kicks off, we’re so proud of the scaling successes of the Spring Showcase Finalists.

During the Spring, our volunteer team reviewed 100 applications from minority- and women-led startups, which historically have a challenging time raising capital and breaking into the startup scene. Over 90% of venture capital is invested in white male founding teams. Our program mission is to introduce top quality minority-led startups to quality seed state professional investors.

Thanks to local sponsors like The Gathering Spot, Spencer Stuart, the Atlanta Hawks, the Metro Atlanta Chamber, OnPay, and Write2Market, these Startup Runway finalists get coaching, mentoring and introductions to seed stage investors — and one winner receives a $10,000 strings free prize check.

50% of our Finalists created meaningful traction and acceleration within 30 days of the program.

Turning the innovation funding gap into an onramp with Startup Runway.


Our team of interns and volunteers is going through dozens of Startup Runway applications right now. Our first private pitch coaching preflight is August 23. We have a great group of founders coming for this first of 3 in person pitch coaching sessions before the big showcase event November 2.

There are several ways you can get involved in Startup Runway, including:

1) Volunteer to provide talent to our Mock Board sessions

2) Provide a tax deductible donation, or

3) Refer a startup to apply for our $10K prize check.