Meet the Woman Who Helped Us Get Our First Sponsorship: Honoring Veronica Sheehan at the 25th Startup Runway Showcase

At Startup Runway, we believe in celebrating those who have played an instrumental role in our journey of growth and expansion. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Veronica Sheehan will be honored with the prestigious “Lighting the Way” Award at our upcoming Startup Runway Showcase on May 30.

Veronica’s impact on Startup Runway has been profound. As the Chief Operating Officer at Make-A-Wish Georgia and a Limited Partner at Valor Ventures, she brings with her a wealth of experience as a global business leader. Veronica thrives on navigating complex organizational changes, implementing best practices for operational efficiencies, and fostering environments where talent not only thrives but excels.

One of Veronica’s pivotal contributions to Startup Runway was securing our first-ever sponsorship from Cox Enterprises. This sponsorship provided crucial financial support and lent credibility to our mission of fostering inclusive entrepreneurship. Veronica’s ability to navigate corporate landscapes and forge meaningful partnerships has been invaluable to our growth.

Here are some photos of Veronica at the first Startup Runway Advisory Board meeting back in 2016:

As we prepare to celebrate our 25th milestone showcase, we reflect on how far we’ve come since our inaugural pitch event in 2016. It’s thanks to visionaries like Veronica that Startup Runway has evolved into the thriving platform it is today, empowering underrepresented founders to turn their ideas into reality.

Join us in honoring Veronica Sheehan at our upcoming showcase as we celebrate her contributions to Startup Runway and look forward to an exciting future of innovation and collaboration. 

Register here to secure your spot, celebrate Veronica’s achievements, and cheer on our finalists at the 25th Startup Runway showcase! 


Watch the Recap Video from our 24th Pitch Showcase: