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From depression to happiness, Bens Hilaire Rises to become a Startup Runway winner

Startup Runway is known for connecting underrepresented founders from remarkable startups with investors for a chance to win the $10k prize along with walking away with a great amount of knowledge. Founders from many different backgrounds are all given an equal chance to showcase their business. Bens Hilaire is an African American founder who built […]

How to Mentor at Startup Runway

Mentoring at Startup Runway takes half an afternoon, and tilts the trajectory of an under-represented founder upwards for the life of their business. Here’s how you do it.

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One of our founders wrote us about about the difference Startup Runway makes: “Thank you for the insight and opportunity, the information you provided me was EXTREMELY valuable. I will put the pieces together and make this work, doing it as I type this 🙂 Thanks again! I look forward to showing you the results when I pitch again in a couple weeks!”