18th Startup Runway Showcase Virtual

Feb 23, 2023

And that’s a wrap! Here are the winners of the 18th Edition of Startup Runway. Each one won a $10,000 grant!

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Just Her Rideshare Inc

We are a rideshare community of women drivers and riders providing a safe, stress-free, alternative rideshare experience.

Kimberly Evans – CEO


Gaming publishers can have up to 60 million daily active users on their games but do not own their community assets. We create a living gaming community for game publishers that convert their daily active user’s gameplay into live and recorded content, and then we use that same content in marketing and revenue-generating activities.

The benefit for the game publishers is they now control their community data, can extend their games revenue model into the community (advertising, NTFs, in-purchase, etc), and can increase the lifetime value of their games.

Devin Dixon – CEO

Bristles, Inc.

We are computer vision engineers who set out to transform the static images people save on their phones every day into dynamic building blocks for rapidly planning creative design projects. Our early product, the Bristles app, helps users build realistic mock-ups for DIY projects. Our proprietary technology only requires images as input, eliminating the expense and technical customization associated with 3D models traditionally required for home design software. An image of a paint color becomes a digital medium on a virtual paintbrush users can paint precisely with on mobile touchscreens. Users can pop products out of images in seconds and incorporate them into their mock-ups. Our current customers are using our app to have design conversations that they couldn’t have before with their partners and clients. Check out their testimonials on our website: https://bristles.ai/

Tina Tang – Cofounder and CEO

Congrats too, to the other 6 Finalists!

Clime Tech Inc

As a mother of two I want to leave the world a better place for them.The climate emergency that we are facing is acute and unless we remove 59 Gigatons of CO2e emissions, we will see a 1.5 0C rise in global temperatures. Cities and companies are expected to lead the decarbonization because of the scale of their GHG emissions and their power to take action. The current sustainability paths taken by business or city organization and their community is disjointed, fragmented, centralized, and redundant thereby limiting the ROI on their efforts, resources, and time. Cities and companies need better, efficient, and next gen systems to harness community’s power to reach climate goals.We introduce Clime Tech SaaS platform that Cities and Businesses use to activate their community across three major areas: mobility, energy, and waste to mitigate and adapt to climate change thereby moving towards sustainable urban ecosystem. Our climate action and resiliency platform offer carbon quantified climate action tracking that can be verified and supported with climate options. Using our platform organizations reduce business’s carbon emissions by 30-40%, disclose participants emission reductions that are measurable carbon quantified and verified and enables smart decisions using community sourced climate action data.

Jasveen Kaur – Founder & CEO


It’s like having a PhD in startup ideas | Paperade is the first AI-powered tool that generates commercial use cases and company ideas from over 100 million academic papers and research studies.

Elijah Buford – CEO and Co-founder


DatumNexus™ is a minority-owned knowledge management firm. Their expertise in the Cell Tower Leasing Industry grew from previous work (over 20-years of experience) doing document and file reconciliation of Tower Companies leases which was beginning to experience rapid growth through acquisitions.

Often, acquiring companies are not able to realize the value of their deal, because of their focus on the integration of technology rather than the accuracy of the data. Realizing the need for accurate data in every legal transaction or venture, DatumNexus was created. Their innovative solution ValiDatum, was built using state of the art technology to automate the comprehensive data audit of leases while providing a migration strategy within the Cell Tower Leasing Company Industry.

Thomas Wade – CEO and Founder

Clips AI

Clips AI helps businesses grow organically by repurposing content at scale. With Clips AI, marketing teams can automatically turn long-form videos (podcasts, webinars, etc.) into social media clips. This helps them saves hours of time finding and editing clips. It also helps them grow easily on social media.

Armel Talla – Co-Founder + CEO


Spawnn allows coaches and players to review, annotate and gain in-depth statistics from any game footage utilizing computer vision. Our goal is to build one platform for every title and team that encourages a community within esports regardless of the game being played. Users save money without needing higher data analysts and save time with instant edits and stats tracking.

Buchi Obi – CEO – Co Founder

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Startup Runway Edition 18

Posted by Startup Runway Foundation on Thursday, February 23, 2023