24th Startup Runway Showcase Atlanta – March 21

Mar 21, 2024

Join us in person for the 24th Startup Runway Showcase at the Gathering Spot!



Creating quality music as an amateur artist is virtually impossible. You have only two choices: do everything yourself—including production, songwriting, recording, and mixing—or contract this work out to music industry professionals. The problem? Mastering these skill sets on your own takes years and thousands of dollars worth of equipment. And if you wanted to contract these skills out to music industry professionals, you typically lack the connections to even get in contact with them.

So, we’re building a tool that helps people create professional music faster than ever before. Users can simply describe the type of music they wish to create, and rather than manually searching through hundreds of beats, songwriters, studios, audio engineers, etc., needed for their next song, our AI model automatically generates this list for them based on their wants and needs. This is similar to how ChatGPT simplifies the manual Google search process.

All generated music services come from our own marketplace, providing an “A-to-Z” solution for people trying to create quality music.

Keylem Collier – CEO


$160M of medical debt is in collections
8% (22M) of US adults will delay getting seen by a doctor because of costs
65% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills
33% of credit card holders are in debt because they used their cards to pay for medical bills

Ravida enables people to leverage their income to split health and wellness expenses into micropayments. Without taking on debt.

Stephen Alred – CEO

CoAbode, Inc.

CoAbode facilitates matching services & communities for single moms to combine their households, creating dual-income families.

With its near 100k membership, CoAbode is now ready to grow as a B-corp and relaunch the site utilizing AI. CoAbode also provides the platform to create local communities for babysitting co-ops, rideshares, etc, and global communities for emotional support.

Carmel Boss, CEO, started CoAbode because she experienced financial hardship and emotional frustrations as a single mom. Carmel has 25+ years of business experience.

Dr. Tonya Riney has 8+ years of comprehensive SaaS start-up knowledge, having fulfilled every role in a growing SaaS business (data and analytics) culminating as COO (sales, marketing, ops, HR, client success, budget, fundraising ~ list not comprehensive).

Dr. Galen Buchwalter created the matching algorithm for eHarmony, among his many other academic and professional accomplishments.

Tonya Riney – COO


EVA is a groundbreaking health tech engine and software system tackling the mental health crisis facing college students and athletes. With nearly 60% of the 20 million students in the U.S. grappling with mental health issues and a staggering 90% burnout rate among campus practitioners, the need for effective solutions is urgent. EVA steps in with AI-powered, empathetic virtual coaching available 24/7, offering personalized support. Through sophisticated empathetic machine learning, EVA provides insights into emotional intelligence and behavior, addressing a broad spectrum of student challenges. In our ongoing trials, EVA has already shown promising results and significant potential by effectively managing schedules, offering emotional support, remembering names and personal details, and applying Enneagram insights. These innovative capabilities make EVA an essential tool for enhancing student support, academic performance and emotional and mental resilience, as well as uniting digital equity and societal impact.

Melody Lovvorn – Founder


Peadbo (short for Personal Advisory Board) is a platform that allows users to build and manage teams dedicated to their personal or professional growth and create recurring newsletters for their broader network of supporters and advisors.

Keith Chaney – Co-Founder & CEO


Think of the last time you’ve had that frustrating experience in any city of having some time to enjoy yourself but you have no clue where to go.

We have all come to use companies like Yelp and Foursquare but we can agree we are sick of the fake reviews, generic suggestions that aren’t relevant to you, or opinions from strangers who you don’t even know if they have the same interests as you.

That’s where FIND comes in. FIND is a community driven platform with personalized suggestions from friends and authentic reviews for the best one-of-a-kind locations, what we like to call hidden gems.

Imagine Tiktok meets Pokémon Go. The home feed taking up your full screen like TikTok to see your friend’s experience and their honest opinion and a maps like Pokemon Go to see all the gems around you and how to get there.

Abdoulaye Djire – Founder & CEO


Lapapoe is a home-care technology platform aiming to reduce the stress and day-to-day challenges of caring for a child with special needs. We utilize a combination of established professionals, certified nursing assistants, and university students to provide respite, home care, and buddy interventions. Families can match with their chosen provider, that best suits their child’s needs. Lapapoe’s flexibility addresses long-term burnout and availability challenges by allowing providers to choose their working hours and location. Essentially, we are a cross between Care.com and traditional Private home care solutions; similar to Papa Pals but for children & youth.

Anike Mlemchukwu – Founder/ CEO

Honey to Cocoa

Shade matching is a source of frustration for consumers, particularly for Women of Color as brands have expanded their color ranges. Consumers spend hours online or go in store to find an accurate match for their skin tones, and today, there’s no great way to shade match drug store or online only brands. The convenience of online shopping and proliferation of online brands requires innovation in the way color matching is approached today.

Honey to Cocoa leverages AI technology to help People of Color match makeup to their unique skin tones via a mobile app. We offer instant skin tone to product matching across a multitude of brands, eliminating the need to color match in store. Users can digitally try on products, get recommendations based on desired look and shades, and purchase through the app making a disjointed digital experience today a seamless process tomorrow. We merge the worlds of beauty and tech, leveraging AI to be a beauty advisor in your pocket.

Riean Knight – Founder, CEO

4 Second Football

Quarterbacks often have no way of knowing they held the ball for too long in football. The average football play lasts 4 seconds, and statistically quarterbacks are better players when they make a pass in under 2.5 seconds. Therefore; we’ve created the first smart football that alerts coaches and players when a quarterback has held the ball too long. With our device a player will build an internal time clock and play faster. Our ball can also track their data and give the coach the player averages in real time due to automation.

Joseph Hamilton – CEO/Founder

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