23rd Startup Runway Showcase Atlanta – December 7

Dec 7, 2023

Join us in person for the 23rd Startup Runway Showcase + VC Day on December 7 at The Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia!

See Agenda.

This will be our biggest event of the year.

We will be highlighting top underrepresented tech founders from across the Southeast in their first public pitches. These Finalists have been selected from our largest applicant pool yet — over 400 founders applied to pitch this Showcase and we selected just 10. As an audience member, you will get to vote on who takes home the $10,000 Audience Choice Grant.

In our panels, you’ll hear from founders who have just raised a multi-million dollar seed round this year. Enjoy conversations with leading VCs who invest at pre-seed and angel, including Hustle Fund, Valor VC, Measured Capital, Serac Ventures, and corporate innovators including Delta, Stanley Black and Decker, and American Express.

Bass Parlour LLC

Bass Parlour is a mobile app that allows independent musicians around the world to find each other and connect, then incentivizes them to collaborate and create original music together, through our monthly collaboration contest hosted directly on the app.

Millions of independent musicians around the world don’t have the funds to afford recording equipment or access to a network of musicians to collaborate with. Bass Parlour is creating a pathway for musicians everywhere to find each other, connect, easily record together, and monetize that recording on one platform.

Darryl Stephens – CEO and Cofounder


GoodAction revolutionizes corporate social impact. By aligning initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, engaging employees, and offering real-time impact measurement and reporting, we empower businesses to boost their ESG performance, drive meaningful change, and enhance talent retention. Our all-in-one platform bridges corporations, nonprofits, and individuals for a brighter, more sustainable future

Gbenga Arotiba – CEO


Organizely is a A.I. enabled app that collates, curates, and suggests user-submitted templates, tutorials, and tips into a simple toolkit for digital download. Think: Canva for Workforce Development. We are shortening the professional development learning curve AND empowering workers to learn, train, upskill, and reskill without solely relying on their employers to provide these resources. We generate custom digital toolkits to support the future of work and the learners of today AND tomorrow by focusing on community, digital accessibility, and neurodiversity to transform the global workforce.

Tariqua Nehisi – Founder + CEO

Revere XR

Our company is at the forefront of interactive storytelling, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to transform the way we experience history. Imagine stepping into a vividly recreated historical scene, where the lines between the present and the past blur. Our technology allows you to interact and converse with lifelike representations of historical figures, offering an unparalleled immersion into their world.

We’re not just about observing history; we’re about experiencing it. Through our platform, pivotal moments in history are no longer just stories in textbooks; they become vibrant, interactive events that you can witness firsthand. Our goal is to make history more engaging and accessible, appealing to all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re a student, a history enthusiast, or just curious, our technology provides a captivating and educational experience.

But we’re doing more than just bringing history to life. We’re preserving it for future generations. By combining advanced AI with VR and AR, we’re ensuring that these valuable historical experiences are not lost but are instead shared widely and preserved for the future. Join us in this exciting journey as we make history not just informative but also viral and thrilling.

Yolanda Barton – CEO/Founder


For organizations burdened by time-consuming and biased performance review processes, our startup offers an automated performance management tool that streamlines the process, saving time and promoting equitable reviews. We leverage the power of AI to generate a complete performance review in seconds not hours! ReviewTailor doesn’t just accelerate the process it elevates the quality. Our use of AI reduces bias and ensures fairness by analyzing objective performance metrics. After all, we’re taking the notes captured by the employee and the manager – so they equally have a say in the final outcome. Managers can now engage in meaningful dialogues with their team, focusing on accomplishments and opportunities.

Kristin Bell – COO

Shown Live

Introducing Shown Live, the game-changer in sponsorship for audio and video content. Our revolutionary platform transforms influencer marketing with an innovative ad unit called a gift. Marketers experience unparalleled speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in scaling their campaigns. The real magic lies in quantifiable data—gifts provide insights into who collected them and how sponsorships performed.

What sets us apart is inclusivity; Shown Live empowers Creators of all audience sizes. Using our platform, Creators seamlessly discover gifts tailored to their content, distribute them to their audience, and earn money based on the Marketer’s chosen cost-per-unique gift. It’s a win-win, making influencer marketing accessible and lucrative for everyone involved.

In a world of evolving content creation, Shown Live stands at the forefront, redefining sponsorships with simplicity, data-driven insights, and limitless opportunities for Creators and Marketers alike. Elevate your influencer campaigns with Shown Live—where innovation meets impact.

Shayna Stewart – Founder

Simp Now

Simp Now, founded by Morehouse College senior Gera Baano-Stewart II, is not just a dating app; it’s a cultural phenomenon. With over 22,000 users and $5k-$6.5k in MRR within 9 months, of being live Simp Now has redefined dating for Gen Z. Featured in Afro Tech, Yahoo, and Business Insider, it’s more than an app—it’s an award-winning movement.

Our unique approach blends authenticity with safety, addressing the pervasive issue of catfishing. Simp Now is not just about connections; it’s about building a community. With features like live photo posts and manual profile checks, we’re reshaping the dating landscape. Join us as we disrupt the status quo, creating a new era in online dating and social networking.

Gera Baano-Stewart II – Founder

Story LLP

We make General Counsel AI to democratize access to legal services and information so all founders can get legal right from the start.

Jessica Hubley – CEO

Village Nanny

Village Nanny is an iOS and Android compatible mobile app democratizing access to childcare and other family care needs, while simultaneously providing opportunities for social and economic mobility for caregivers. The app matches caregivers from diverse backgrounds with families from diverse backgrounds, while providing opportunities for caregivers to receive professional learning and credentialing in the science of learning and human development, and build a business within a business via our referral incentives model.

Brandi Kenner – Co-Founder & CEO

Wearer Lab

Healthcare providers are overwhelmed with low-value tasks like chart writing, coding, billing and insurance claims while keeping up with patient care.
We believe that AI can take care of these tasks. However, in order to do that, it has to be ambient.
We are pioneering a truly ambient assistant solution for healthcare (Hardware + Software) powered by AI capable of creating, managing and organising medical data and code and billing while keeping up with patients for every consultation.

Kablan Serge kadjo – CEO