22nd Startup Runway Showcase (In Person)

Sep 14, 2023

We’re back in live in Atlanta 9/14/2023

Location: Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs in Atlanta – 3pm – 5pm


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The Finalists Pitching:

RevMatch Technologies Inc.

RevMatch is the ultimate platform for auto enthusiasts to solve the challenge of a fragmented ecosystem for the automotive car journey. Enthusiasts spend hours to days searching for their next car modification to tracking their performance across different tools like forums, Reddit, eBay, spreadsheets, and more. We offer a centralized platform that provides trusted and high-quality data based on community and partner-driven information, fed into our AI recommendation engine. Our proprietary technology integrates with 300+ aftermarket part brands, creating an automated omnichannel experience that guides and recommends the perfect part in a growing $500 billion dollar industry. RevMatch is revolutionizing the automotive industry by offering a cohesive ecosystem through a dynamic marketplace and robust set of tools for enthusiasts to shop, share, and manage their vehicle modifications.

Kai Tan – CEO


What: We create live wellness experiences that help impact employee performance and revenue growth.

How: Rizewell is an all-in-one solution for wellness, designed to help individuals and organizations thrive in today’s post-COVID economy. Our personalized platform integrates AI technology with tailored programming, live wellness classes, mental health benefits, incentive based rewards and interactive experiences through our mobile app and VR immersive environments. By providing comprehensive tools and services, we empower businesses to build a culture of well-being that improves employee engagement, reduces healthcare costs, and boosts overall productivity. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way we approach wellness and unlock the full potential of individuals and organizations.

Quentin Gause – Founder


FlowIntell is a Femtech startup revolutionizing endometriosis screening. This widespread condition affects 10% of women, but takes 10 years to diagnose due to the lack of awareness as well as symptom overlap with IBS and PID. Most women learn about endometriosis because of subfertility or infertility.
Delayed diagnosis results in unresolved chronic pain, infertility, depression, and loss of productivity. Women undergo multiple misdiagnoses, costly medical procedures, and lost workdays, resulting in an estimated $22 billion annual cost in the U.S. alone.
FlowIntell’s screening device offers a novel solution for early detection of endometriosis. Our affordable, at-home, and non-invasive kit checks for key biomarkers associated with endometriosis using a small sample of menstrual effluent. We’re also creating a telehealth app with whole-body solutions, connecting users to OBGYNs, nutritionists, physical therapists, mental health professionals, and a supportive community.
FlowIntell’s vision is to create accessible health solutions that address the challenges of endometriosis screening, thus empowering women with timely information, leading to faster interventions and an enhanced quality of life.

Jessica King – Founder/CEO

GlobeKin, Inc.

Who We Are
GlobeKin Inc. is an e-Learning platform for kids that cultivates engaged learning and play beyond the classroom. Our vision is to build global kinship: where people live, work and lead with greater understanding and cross-cultural fluency. We can get there by preparing today’s kids for a global digital economy.

Why Now?
Generation Z and Alpha prefer learning through visual, hands-on and digital media.
-70% of students say online learning, which helps retain between 25% and 60% more information, is better than traditional classroom learning.
-Parents have taken note: 81% believe technology is the future of education and 79% now use technology to teach their children.
-Education must meet these demands by connecting with children where they are, to shape generations of lifelong learners.

The Platform
Available on all major devices as a web or mobile application, our platform leverages advanced digital and A.I. technology to create a personalized and gamified interactive learning experience. Users earn tokens that can be redeemed for virtual and IRL learning experiences from our platform’s marketplace. For parents, the platform generates “Learning Reports” detailing each child’s academic interests and areas for growth.

Jeremy Vincent – CEO

Scopa Health

Scopa Health is a marketplace for hiring high skill-level healthcare workers (APP and Physician level). Providers list their skills and job interests, and hiring groups can filter by related criteria and message candidates directly. The experience is more enjoyable, less time consuming, and much more cost-effective than currently available healthcare recruiting techniques.

Kathryn Farrell – Founder


Benechek is an innovative AI-powered software solution designed to revolutionize assistance management for nonprofits and churches. It streamlines workflows, automates manual tasks like data entry, and provides smart recommendations to save time and resources. With centralized request tracking, organizations can efficiently manage assistance applications and make informed decisions quickly. Our user-friendly platform empowers community impact by enabling organizations to focus on their mission of helping those in need. From screening eligibility to providing tailored support, Benechek empowers nonprofits and churches to maximize their outreach, making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

Miya Moore – Founder & CEO

Groove Media LLC

Vibes Music is the official music app for the fitness industry. Together with Universal Music Group, Vibes offers painless music licensing for fitness pros and gyms who desperately need music for their hybrid fitness classes.

Denise Imbesi – CEO/Founder

Highlights from our 20th Startup Runway Showcase at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs: