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  • Are you in our mission focus area? Startup Runway is a pitch competition and investor introduction platform for existing businesses led by women and founders of color headquartered in the United States. At this time, we do not take applications from outside of the United States.
  • Is your stage appropriate? If your company is still 'an idea' please do not submit. Companies with an MVP and a few customers are the most competitive. We also do not take submissions from startups who have previously been chosen by a top ranked national accelerator such as 500 Startups, Gener8tor, YCombinator or Techstars. If you have previously been through one of these programs, congratulations--our investor introduction program and grant are not a fit for you because we are looking for those founders just starting out on their access to capital journey.
  • Is your business model right for venture capital? Startup Runway's investor introduction platform works for business models that are scalable and looking for funding to grow. If your business is a nonprofit, a retail store, or a service provider, you probably don't qualify because these business models are not traditionally funded with venture capital.
  • Business models that do qualify for our investor introduction platform include all software, all apps, games, medical devices and healthcare innovations, all software-enabled services, and all new technology, any sector.
  • Have you raised too much money to apply? Criteria for selection include that your startup has raised less than $200K in investments.

See what the Startup Runway Competition Looks like - watch the previous edition here:


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